How the APY is calculated when placed in the farming pools

APR or APY is the annual rate or yield that can be obtained by placing LP tokens into farming pools.

  • APR is the annual percentage rate.

  • APY is the annual percentage yield, that takes into account compounding interest.

APR or APY values are only calculations that are made based on the figures seen at the present moment in time, taking into the assets placed in the pool, total TVL, and so forth.

Yields may change; therefore, the specified percentages values do not guarantee that a profit will be generated in the fixed proportions. Correct calculations are difficult to make due to constant changes in the value of coins, their ratio in the pool and other variables.

That is, the APR or APY values only show a theoretically possible percentage yield.

Some pools can have significantly high APY values; as a rule, they are temporary and eventually stabilize to lower values as more users willing to place their assets in the pool come.

How to form liquidity tokens to sendthem to farming pools on

  1. You have purchased the necessary assets to create a liquidity token! We will look at the formation of a liquidity token using CAKE and BNB as examples. Go to PancakeSwap to the "Trade → Liquidity" section.

  2. If there are no liquidity tokens in the wallet yet, click "Add Liquidity".

  3. Next, select CAKE, then BNB. Specify the amount of CAKE or BNB you want. The second asset will be calculated automatically. Once you have entered all the necessary assets and values, click "Enable CAKE".

  4. Confirm the actions in MetaMask.

  5. Afterwards click "Supply".

  6. Then click "Confirm Supply".

  7. Confirm the action in MetaMask.

Learn more about how to generate liquidity tokens that will be sent to the farming pools on the platform in our tutorial.

How to disband liquidity tokens after their withdrawal from

  1. To disband your liquidity token, you need to go to the PancakeSwap platform under "Trade → Liquidity" section.

  2. Here you will see your liquidity token. Expand it and click "Remove".

  3. Choose a quantity and click "Enable". Confirm the action in MetaMask.

  4. Then click "Remove" and then click "Confirm". Be sure to confirm the action in MetaMask.

Learn more about how to remove the liquidity token after its withdrawal from the in our tutorial.

What to do if an LP is created, but is not displayed in the pool?

For the token to appear in the pool, it must be sent there. Otherwise it will remain in the wallet.

Why withdraw LPs from the old pool?

If you had placed LPs in any old pool through, you should withdraw LPs from the old pool through to your MetaMask wallet; do not disband LPs (otherwise, you may incur a transient loss). It is necessary to do this because the site migrated to the third version of

Then you can place your LPs in the new version of

Please note that the old version of with closed NFT access does not work anymore. Access to is now open to everyone. To access it, it is necessary to migrate to the platform's new version.

How to withdraw assets from the old version of the site and send them to the new version

  1. Go to and click "LAUNCH DAPP".

  2. Click "".

  3. On the home page, click on the "OLD FARMS" tab.

  4. In the tab that opens, click "Connect Wallet," select a wallet from the choices offered and connect it to the platform.

  5. Click on the "STAKED ONLY" tab. After clicking, only the pools to which you have sent assets will be displayed.

  6. Open each pool one by one and withdraw all LP-tokens to your wallet. Attention! To transfer LP-tokens to the new version of you don't need to disband them!

Withdrawal instructions:

  1. Next to the "Deposit" tab, click "Withdraw", and then click "MAX".

  2. Click "Withdraw" and confirm the withdrawal fee in your wallet.

  3. You can verify that everything went well by clicking on the "Deposit" tab. Your asset will be displayed in the "Wallet Balance" field.

Attention! Old MARS tokens are automatically loaded into your wallet when you withdraw LP tokens; there is no need to additionary the Harvest button!

  1. To send LP-tokens to operate in the updated version of you need to go back to the main page and click "Connect Wallet".

  2. Choose a wallet from the offered options and connect it to the platform.

  3. When you click on the selected wallet a request is sent to your wallet to connect to the platform, you need to click "Next" and "Connect".

  4. Once your wallet is connected, among the available pools find the one that you will be sending your LP-token or asset to. We will consider sending LP-tokens to the CAKE pool as an example; sending to all other pools is the same. Find CAKE NEW in the list and expand the pool.

  5. Click "Approve", and a request will be sent to the wallet, seeking access to the asset.

  6. After confirming, press MAX, to thus select the entire asset. If you want to send only part of it, specify the size of the asset that you want to send in the required field.

  7. After entering the amount press "Deposit", the transaction payment fee request is sent to the wallet.

  8. Confirm the request and pay the fee for sending the asset from the wallet to the platform.

This guide is intended for platform users. Convenient step-by-step instructions clearly explain how to transfer assets from the old version and send them to its new version,

Where to view completed pools?

The list of completed pools that were maintained in the service can be found in the "Old pools" tab, as is shown in the screenshot below.

Then, after clicking "Withdraw", your LPs will be sent to MetaMask, upon which you can disband the LP on the same resource where the LP was created.

How to collect rewards from

Just click on "Harvest", and rewards will be sent to the wallet you specify.

If a deposit or withdrawal transaction is being carried out, rewards are automatically transferred to the wallet that you specify, and you do not need to press "Harvest". Thus, you can save on "gas", which is required for the transaction payment.

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