Media Kit

Welcome to the MarsDAO Media Kit, where you can find all the necessary information about our branding, logo, mission, and values. Here you will discover materials that showcase our corporate style, colors, fonts, and other visual distinctive features established in our brand book.

MarsDAO Media Kit Guidelines

  1. Usage of Materials: You are permitted to use information from the MarsDAO Media Kit that reflects our corporate style, colors, fonts, and other visual distinct characteristics.

  2. Background Color Modification: You may change the background color to match your color palette.

  3. Editing Limitations: It is strictly prohibited to alter the MarsDAO logo, its corporate colors, or edit the text.

We appreciate your respect for our brand and kindly ask you to adhere to these guidelines when using materials from our media kit.

You can download all relevant materials using the following links:

Product information is regularly updated. Stay tuned for updates on our official channels. For any questions or collaboration proposals, please contact MarsDAO support at:

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