The section is intended for managing NFTs. You can receive NFTs to your wallet on the networks supported by the app.

Switch to NFTs from the main wallet screen by tapping on the "NFT" tab next to the "Crypto" tab.

Here you will see a simple menu for managing NFTs, where you can copy the address of the wallet to receive NFTs and navigate to each of the NFTs.

Receiving NFTs. You can copy the address to receive NFTs from the main screen. Tap on the address on the left side of the screen and the wallet will be copied.

Send your NFTs to this wallet and they will appear in the section as soon as the transaction is confirmed online.

You can also view the NFT information by going to the menu from the main screen. Tap on the NFT and the information will be available in a new window.

The NFT display setting is available via the crossed out eye button. Tap it if you want to hide the NFT display on the main screen of the section.

You can open visibility in the same way, just click on the eye icon and the NFT will be available again on the main screen of the section.

You can send an NFT to another wallet through the NFT section. Tap on the selected NFT and then the "Send" button.

Specify the address of the wallet to which you plan to send the NFT and then tap "Next".

Check the recipient's address and scroll down the page until the "Confirm" button appears, tap the button to continue.

Put the card against the reader and hold it for a few seconds until confirmation. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the network.

On the transaction page, you can see the status of the transaction, information about the transaction itself, and the "Transaction Details" button to quickly navigate to the transaction details on the blockchain explorer page.

By tapping the "Share Transaction" button, you can copy the transaction link and send it to the recipient or save it.

If you tap "Transaction Details", the blockchain browser page opens with your transaction.

If you tap "Share Transaction", a link to the transaction and the option to forward it will open.

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