Receive a grant

Join the MarsDAO grant contest to contend with the best ones, comunicate with market leaders, and create the technology of the future today. The grant alloction regulations are discussed either in person with the team or its representative.

Types of projects eligible to apply for a grant:

  • The product must be useful to our community and help monetize in the cryptocurrency market.

  • The interactions with users' finances should be as decentralized as possible.

  • The project should be ready to integrate and apply the MDAO token.

  • The project should apply a deflationary model (for the MDAO token).

Interaction stages:

  • Completion of an application with a detailed description of your project.

  • Further interview if your project meets the criteria described above.

  • Project evaluation and grant proposal.

  • Adaptation and incoropration.

  • Performance evaluation.


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