Adding COSMIC in-game tokens to your wallet

Adding tokens to MetaMask

Navigate to the wallet, select BNB Smart Chain and click Import tokens.

On the Custom Token tab, specify the Token Address: 0xBabACc135Bbf2ce30f9C0f12665B244D3689A29C, wait for the other lines to automatically load the information about the token and click IMPORT.

Adding tokens to Trust Wallet

Navigate to the wallet and scroll down the page until the Manage crypto button appears, or go to the settings in the upper right corner.

Tap the "+" icon.

Then select BNB Smart Chain in the first line, and insert the address of the smart contract in the second line: 0xBabACc135Bbf2ce30f9C0f12665B244D3689A29C and hit Import.

Adding tokens to MDAO Wallet

Open the wallet and click the "+" icon, then click Add new token.

On the first line, select BNB Chain (BEP-20), insert the smart contract address: 0xBabACc135Bbf2ce30f9C0f12665B244D3689A29C on the second line, tap Send and then Add token.

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