Transferring assets in other networks

Make sure that the selected network matches the network of the asset you want to transfer. To find out how to switch networks, see "Switching Networks".

Select the asset you want to transfer from the list.

Tap "Send".

Enter the recipient's wallet address and tap "Next".

You can also scan a QR code to send tokens. Tap the icon in the wallet address field and scan the QR code.

Enter the transfer amount and tap "Next". Check the recipient's address and tap "Send".

Put the card against the reader and hold it for a few seconds until confirmation. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the network.

On the transaction page, you can view the status of the transaction, information about the transaction itself, and the "Transaction Details" button — a button to quickly navigate to the transaction details on the blockchain explorer page.

By tapping the "Share Transaction" button, you can copy the transaction link and send it to the recipient or save it.

If you select the "Transaction Details" button, the Blockchain Explorer page opens with your transaction.

If you tap the "Share Transaction" button, a link to the transaction and the option to forward it will open.

You can view all transactions in the list in the menu of the selected asset. If you click on a transaction, the details of the transaction will open.

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