MarsDAO Products

This section details all the products that make up the MarsDAO ecosystem.

The MarsDAO ecosystem and MDAO tokenomics employs a deflationary model, which means that each product incorporates it into its structure.

The deflationary token model is one in which tokens are removed from the market over time. Tokens may be removed from the market in various ways, including through redeeming or burning them. The key advantage of such models is that they prevent the market from flooding with excess tokens as their creators mine, create, or sell them. While some may argue that reducing supply will reduce the actual availability of a token, fortunately, this is not the case with cryptocurrencies, that they can divide up to the 100 millionth, which, in core, eliminates this problem.

The MarsDAO ecosystem includes five main areas: Educational Products, Infrastructure Products, Money Making Products, New Products, and DAPPs. Read more about each one in this section:

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