MetaMask Wallet Creation

Go to the MetaMask website and select the OS of the device on which you want to install the wallet. Download the app to your device.

iOS download link

Android download link

Open the app and click "Get started" , "Create a new wallet".

Read the information about data use and tap "I Agree".

In the next step, think of and create a password.

To continue creating a wallet, click "Start" and confirm the action by entering your password.

Tap "View" to access the secret wallet phrase.

Write down the secret wallet phrase in the same order you received it and without mistakes — all 12 words.

Make sure your notes are correct before you proceed to the next step.

Make sure you keep your secret phrase in a safe place, because without it you won't be able to access your wallet if you lose your password or your device. You can always restore access to your wallet on another device and in another wallet by the secret phrase recovery.

Tap "Continue" if you are sure that the secret phrase is written correctly.

Repeat all 12 words in order and click "Complete Backup". Done!

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