Cheelee is a GameFi platform for short videos.

Cheelee is a GameFi platform for short videos that reimagines the way users interact with content by integrating embedded game mechanics and Web3 technologies.

Cheelee is a GameFi short video platform that redefines how users engage with content by integrating built-in game mechanics and Web3 technology. This unique approach allows users to earn money simply by viewing and creating content, irrespective of their subscriber count. Recognizing the significant amount of time people spend on social networks without tangible rewards, Cheelee aims to provide a fair and rewarding experience for users.

The ultimate goal of Cheelee is to transform into a lifestyle platform where global users can enjoy themselves while simultaneously monetizing their time spent on the platform. The vision for Cheelee is to become a widely used app globally, offering entertainment, personal development, and earning opportunities for all users.

Collaboration with MarsDAO: cross marketing activities, joint tournament, joint AMAs and a joint social quest in 2023.

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