The recently updated wallet features a cross-chain exchange function for certain assets through the wallet interface.

With this feature, you can transfer assets from one network to another.

To go to the exchange, click on "Bridge" on the main screen of the wallet.

Connect your wallet to your MetaMask portfolio.

Confirm the connection in the pop-up wallet window by clicking "Next" and "Connect" consecutively.

In the "Bridge tokens" section, select the network from which you want to transfer the asset ("From this network"), as well as the network where you want to receive the asset ("To this network").

Specify the amount of the asset to be transferred in the column "You send", but not less than 30 USDT.

Then the exchange option and exchange rate will be offered, click on the line with the information about the exchange to see the fees and conditions of the exchange, and proceed with the exchange.

To proceed with the exchange, click on “Approve token”.

Confirm the use of your assets for the exchange, the default is set to the amount of asset you need for the exchange. Click "Approve" to continue.

Then click "Submit transaction" to make the exchange transaction. This button appears after confirming the limit of the asset usage in the previous step.

Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

You can see the progress of the exchange and the approximate time of completion by clicking on the pop-up message "Bridging in progress".

When you click on the pop-up window, information about your exchange and a link to the transaction will appear. To change the network in the wallet, click "Switch to Polygon in MetaMask" and confirm the change of network in your wallet if necessary.

You can also add the asset to MetaMask.

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