Errors and Safety

After running dApps and the sites to which you connected the wallet, disconnect all active sessions.

In the browser version of the wallet:

Click the three vertical dots, then "Connected sites".

Across from the site that you have finished, click "Disconnect".

The the wallet’s mobile version:

Go to “Settings” through the wallet’s menu.

Then go to "Experimental", click on the active connection and hold for 1-2 seconds until the pop-up window appears, and click "End".

In case of errors with WalletConnect connections, update your browser to the latest version as well as your wallet.

Delete the privacy data in the mobile version of the wallet:

Go to Settings through the wallet menu, then to Security & Privacy.

Delete privacy data, browser history, and browser cookies by clicking the same buttons one by one.

In the browser version of the wallet, temporarily disable other extensions that may affect the correct operation of the wallet:

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