Ambassador program

Welcome to the MarsDAO Ambassador Program page! In this section you will find all the information on how to become an Ambassador of our ecosystem.

About MarsDAO

MarsDAO is a Web3 ecosystem of educational, infrastructure and decentralized products with deflationary mechanisms, powered by its native MDAO token.

Our main goal and mission is to help people navigate the demanding FinTech and Blockchain environment, while monetizing their knowledge and making the transition to the world of digital assets easier. We aim to provide crypto users with the necessary tools and knowledge, thereby bringing mass adoption closer.

How to become a MarsDAO Ambassador

If you would like to become an ecosystem Ambassador, please fill out the form stating how you can be of service to the community. The MarsDAO team will be sure to review your application and get back to you with feedback.

Options for user interaction with the MarsDAO ecosystem Ambassador program

  1. Subscription to all of our channels and constant shilling of ecosystem products on your social networks and channels.

  2. Attracting partnerships for Partnership Staking, MDAO Maker, data partnerships, advertising integrations, bloggers.

  3. Attracting leads for B2B sales. Selling the TTM Academy White label, wallets, TTM Board Game, service integrations, payment solutions, etc.

  4. Attracting new ambassadors.

  5. Any other cooperation options.

Fill out the form and become an Ambassador: MarsDAO Social Media

The MarsDAO Ambassador always stays up-to-date on all events in the ecosystem, so subscribing to all social media is a must:

MarsDAO Media Resources

Due to the large number of scammers, an Ambassador should be aware of MarsDAO's official media resources:

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