Sending NFTs

In Trust Wallet NFT display is set up automatically when tokens of this format appear in the wallet.

You can see NFTs in the Trust Wallet in the NFTs section.

In order to send NFTs, you need to navigate to the wallet interface.

Go to Wallet, then click the NFTs tab.

Then select the NFT you want to send.

Click on the NFT again.

In the tab that opens, you can see the information for this NFT, the NFT contract address, the token standard, the network and the identifier.

Click "Send" to continue.

The next step is to specify the wallet to which you want to send the NFT.

To do this, copy the recipient's wallet address and click "Paste" in the Address line or use a QR code scanner by clicking on the corresponding icon next to "Paste".

Then click on "Next".

Check the recipient's address, the details of the transaction and click "Confirm", confirming the transaction in your wallet.

As a reminder, the wallet must hold the coins of the network in which the transaction is sent, in order for the network's fees to be deducted.

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