Pixels is a blockchain-based gaming universe.

Pixels is a blockchain-based game universe based on farming, exploration and story quests.

Pixels is an immersive and open-ended blockchain-backed gaming universe centered around farming, exploration, and story-driven quests. Merging blockchain ownership with user progression, it offers a captivating blend of resource management, skill advancement, and relationship building. The game aims to introduce millions of users to Web3 by providing an easy-going, fun, and scalable blockchain gaming experience.

With the mission to establish a standard for equitable wealth distribution, transparency, and ownership, Pixels focuses on three key development pillars: prioritizing fun, embracing interoperability, and gradually decentralizing control. The game strives to prioritize entertainment, aiming to create a sustainable play-to-earn economy by delivering genuine value to users. By integrating interoperability, Pixels enables players to seamlessly transfer their digital assets and digital identities across different experiences in the metaverse.

Collaboration with MarsDAO: token sale in June 2023.

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