Wallet Creation

Open the Trust Wallet website and choose “Browser Extension”.

Click “Get Trust Wallet”.

On the Chrome extension store page, download the Trust Wallet extension by clicking "Available on Chrome".

Confirm the installation of the extension, and click "Add extension".

Pin the extension to the Quick Access Toolbar for convenience. If necessary, you can always hide the app in the Quick Access Toolbar and pin it back.

Click “Create а new wallet” to create a new wallet.

Think of and enter a complex password with a combination of letters and symbols.

When you create a password, you'll see prompts to see if the password requirements are met.

Repeat the password on the bottom line, read the usage rules, check the box and click "Proceed".

Click “Start” to proceed.

Click “Got it” to see your wallet’s secret phrase.

Write down the secret wallet phrase in the same order as you received it and without mistakes, all 12 words.

Check before you move on to the next step to make sure that your notes are correct.

Make sure you keep your secret phrase in a safe place, because without it you won't be able to access your wallet in case you lose your password or device.

You can always restore access to your wallet on another device and in another wallet using the secret phrase recovery.

Click "Proceed" if you are sure the secret phrase is written correctly.

Repeat all 12 words in order and click “Next”.

Done, wallet created!

After installation, the wallet extension is ready for further use.

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