Farcana is a third-person team-based shooter video game.

Farcana offers fast-paced gameplay with an emphasis on quick decision making while moving around, where your weapon plays a significant role in determining the outcome of the battle.

Farcana is a third-person team ability shooter set in a mesmerizing sci-fi landscape. The game offers fast-paced gameplay with a focus on fast movement decision-making, where your weapons play a significant role in determining the outcome of the match. Timing and strategic use of the characters' tactical and defensive abilities are crucial for success.

Farcana features a diverse cast of 24 unique characters, each with their own gameplay style, providing new feelings and possibilities. The game incorporates a role-playing system that encourages deeper and more tactical team interactions.

The developers of Farcana aspire to deliver a high level of quality and precision in order to satisfy the competitive player base. They are dedicated to creating a comfortable and transparent spectator experience through their user interface efforts.

Collaboration with MarsDAO: cross marketing activities in 2023.

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