Smart contracts and blockchain addresses

MDAO smart contract address: 0x60322971a672B81BccE5947706D22c19dAeCf6Fb
MARS to MarsDAO exchange smart contract address: 0x0EA05b0746ED7d75B4cE46D996b66983bd64652a
MARS smart contract address: 0x4eC57B0156564DDdEa375F313927ec2DDc975D69
Lottery smart contract address: 0x9ea1556eDdB00001c9eb19f60923777A0E52C48b
Community Round staking smart contract address: 0xcB7AcD639F26Ef49c2E8CeA4EE0177DAFc577ce4
Rewards repository for the community round smart contract address: 0xd2b454ff649b78199d02bfa5aa68116484a4da80
Old partner staking smart contract address: 0x1d2C6A524260F4C99284F607664297AcA6668ED6
Address of the VLX (Velas) token smart contract on the BEP-20 chain (BSC): 0xe9c803f48dffe50180bd5b01dc04da939e3445fc
DESU and BOT token partner staking smart contract address: 0x7189ce345F476BE8b38c6364B4eEe49f76177f4a
Address of the BOT token smart contract (BOT PLANET) in the BEP-20 chain (BSC): 0x1Ab7E7DEdA201E5Ea820F6C02C65Fce7ec6bEd32
DESU (Dexsport) token smart contract address on the BEP-20 chain (BSC): 0x32f1518baace69e85b9e5ff844ebd617c52573ac
Unicrypt smart contract address where liquidity LP tokens and team tokens are locked: 0xeaEd594B5926A7D5FBBC61985390BaAf936a6b8d
Liquidity fund address: 0xee6A8CadF826c5608D176d5043488Ce01F3A7fF8
Address of reserve fund to be active with community vote: 0x40086965579e7b931c80e486a17445c62f13cfff
Marketing fund address: 0xdeed6dcd3d2611b374f2481159bb52c9cbc800e6
MDAO pool smart contract address on Dexsport: 0x3065cd33559d5dc56b9b167d9485f5361da37faa
Token burn address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead