Technical Support

This section is intended for interaction with the wallet's technical support team.

On the main screen of the app, tap on the " ፧ " icon in the bottom right corner. Then navigate to the "Support" section.

Tap "Send us a Message" and enter a message with the question you have, then a message to the chat room. A manager will reply promptly.

Tips when using the app:

Install the wallet app only from official sources and avoid phishing links.

Update the MDAO Wallet app when new versions are released in the app stores to make it work correctly.

Save your wallets' secret passphrases.Technical support and app developers do not have access to recover the secret phrase.

If you forgot your password or PIN code, don't worry, reinstall the app and re-import your wallet using the secret recovery phrase.

Delete the app's cache in case any of the features are not working correctly on your device.

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