How to buy COSMIC in-game tokens on 12Swap (desktop version)

To upgrade your pilot you will need in-game tokens, which can be purchased or sold on a DEX.

Let’s see how we can buy COSMIC on 12Swap.

Go to 12Swap and click Launch App.

Next, you need to connect a wallet. To do this, select the network and click Connect Wallet.

Select the connection type.

Confirm the connection in the wallet — click Next and then Connect in the pop-up window.

Select the assets to swap, in the top line click on the asset and select USDT, and specify the amount.

In the bottom line, click on the asset and select COSMIC.

To select tokens for the swap, enter the token ticker or its smart contract address in the search bar. Click the search result.

Click Approve to confirm the use of USDT for the swap.

In the wallet pop-up window, specify the amount of USDT you want to use in the current swap, then click Next and Approve.

Check that the top line next to the main token to be swapped shows the same amount that has been approved for use by the wallet. Click Swap to continue.

Click on Confirm to complete.

Done, the swap is successfully completed. Now you can add a token display to your wallet by clicking on Import and confirming the action in the wallet.

To see the transaction details, click on View on BscScan.

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