CEO: Vladislav Utushkin

Entrepreneur, expert in decentralized technologies, founder and visionary of MarsDAO. Ideological inspirer of the product, for whom self-fulfillment and the opportunity to create something original always remain the top priority. At one time, Vladislav left the banking sphere and opened his own marketing agency. Having seen the potential of digital assets, Vladislav sold the company and dove into blockchain, where he began wrapping ICO projects. Later he and his partners founded MarsDAO.

Co-Founder: Roman Pishulov

Until 2018, Roman was engaged in marketing and traditional financial instruments. Thanks to his mathematical mind and ability to learn quickly, Roman has mastered the world of digital assets and has been successful in it. He prefers theory over practice and believes that only personal experience brings real knowledge.

Co-Founder: Alexander Politayko

Blockchain enthusiast and idea generator. Since childhood Alexander has been used to discipline and to the fact that it is always necessary to finish what you start. From 2012-2015 he managed the fund of a construction company, and in 2016 he created and managed one of Russia's largest mining farms. Has been working in the IT sphere since 2005. Alexander is responsible for business development, product development and operational management.

CTO: Denys Stark

Since 2017, Denis has been developing crypto projects – from simple ICOs to decentralized exchanges. Since 2019 he has launched many large projects, including TTM Game, MarsDAO, Cosmic FOMO, and many others. Extensive experience with smart contracts, strong mathematical background and experience in implementing large projects will allow selecting and implementing the most successful solutions from the technical point of view for the group of companies.

CMO: Anastasiya Bluvband

Marketing executive for the entire group of companies and ecosystem of MarsDAO. Over 5 years of turnkey content marketing development for various projects, 8 years in digital marketing. Involved in crypto since 2017 and has experience organizing events and incentives for crypto projects for 2000+ people. For the last 6 years, she has been developing marketing strategies for products exclusively in the crypto sphere. At MarsDAO, Anastasiya is responsible for unbreakable marketing support for all products in the ecosystem.

HRD: Kseniia Gumerova

Kseniia is a seasoned Human Resources strategist who has been instrumental in shaping the workplace culture of MarsDAO. With a strong background in organizational psychology, she has implemented innovative employee engagement and development programs across the organization. Prior to joining MarsDAO, Kseniia worked in various multinational companies where she revolutionized HR practices by integrating technology and employee well-being strategies.

COO: Rostislav Kim

Rostislav, the Chief Operating Officer of MarsDAO, is pivotal in managing the company’s day-to-day operational strategies and ensuring that all business functions are aligned with the organizational goals. His leadership is characterized by a pragmatic approach to operational efficiency and scalability. Before stepping into his role at MarsDAO, Rostislav garnered extensive experience in operations management, where he successfully implemented systems that improved productivity and reduced costs, ensuring operational excellence across various platforms.

CSO: Dmitry Avdeev

As the Chief Support Officer at MarsDAO, Dmitry Avdeev excels in creating optimal customer service strategies that enhance user satisfaction and loyalty. With a keen focus on operational excellence, Dmitry oversees the development of support systems that ensure seamless interactions between the company and its users. His background in operational management and customer service, particularly in technology-driven environments, has equipped him to build robust support infrastructures that adapt to customer needs.

CFO: Anton Bugaev

Anton, Chief Financial Officer at MarsDAO, brings a unique combination of financial acumen and strategic innovation to his work. With a distinctive approach to financial management, Anton has successfully managed a fast-growing technology ecosystem and has been instrumental in developing financial strategies to facilitate rapid growth. His experience includes capital allocation, financial forecasting and investor relations.

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