Creating and importing wallets

In this section you will find the necessary steps for creating and importing a wallet.

Creating a wallet

After installing the MDAO Wallet app, you need to create a mobile wallet.

Open the app and tap the "Create or import wallet" button. Tap on "Create a Wallet".

Read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Check the box "I have read and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy" and then tap "Continue".

Read the information on the page! Only then tick the checkbox and confirm that you understand and are ready to save the secret phrase.

Tap "Generate words".

On the "Your Secret Phrase" screen, which consists of 12 words, you can copy the phrase or view the QR code and rewrite the phrase from the screen.

Save the secret phrase exactly in the order presented on the screen. For convenience, use the same numbering in the entries.

After saving the secret phrase to a safe location, tap the "I have securely saved the phrase" button.

Confirm the recovery phrase.

Put all the words in the correct order, and click on "Verify".

Important! Before you start using the wallet you can check if you have correctly saved/recorded the secret phrase and all its words. To do this, you can delete the wallet and import it by the received secret phrase.

To import an already created wallet by secret phrase, please see the next section.

Importing mobile wallet

You can import any other non-custodial wallet into MDAO Wallet using a 12-word secret phrase. Import your passphrase manually or scan the QR code.

Open the app and click on "Create or import a wallet". Tap on "I already have a wallet".

To import a wallet using a secret phrase, think of and write the wallet name, enter the secret phrase from the wallet you want to import and tap "Import".

If the wallet supports outputting the secret phrase as a QR code you can import the wallet simply by scanning the QR code.

To import a wallet using a QR code, think of and enter the wallet name, click on the scanner icon, scan the QR code of the wallet you want to import, and tap on "Import".

You can import a wallet at any time when using the app and any number of wallets.

To do this, go to the settings " ፧ " when you need to import a new wallet and select the "Wallets" section.

Tap the "➕" button, then "Import Wallet" and repeat the steps of the previous section: specify the wallet name, enter the 12-word passphrase and confirm the import.

Selecting an active wallet

The app has an option to select the displayed wallet on the main screen of the app, that is, switching between wallets.

Go to menu settings " ፧ " and to "Wallets".

The section of the currently active wallet is highlighted with a colored button.

Select the wallet you want to display on the main screen of the app and tap on it.

Confirm your selection with "Select Wallet" and tap "Save".

The wallet that has been selected is now displayed on the main screen.

You can quickly select an active wallet from the main screen. This feature is available without switching to the settings menu.

On the main screen, tap the button to switch wallets. Select the wallet you want to make active.

Changing the name and deleting wallets

Changing the wallet name. For convenience of using different wallets, you can change the displayed wallet name.

Go to the menu settings " ፧ " and to the "Wallets" section. Tap on the wallet you want to edit.

Enter a new wallet name in the "Change Name" field and hit "Save".

Deleting a wallet. You can delete a mobile wallet at any time and import it again by passphrase.

Before deleting a wallet, make sure that the passphrase from this wallet is saved fully and correctly.

Warning! Without the passphrase it will be impossible to restore access to the wallet. In the next section you will learn how to view the secret phrase of the wallet.

In order to delete a wallet, go to the menu of this wallet and tap "Delete", then confirm the action by tapping "Delete" again.

Viewing the secret phrase

You can view the secret phrase from the wallet at any time the app is active.

Go to the menu settings " ፧ " and to the "Wallets" section.

Select the wallet for which you want to show the secret phrase. Tap the "Show secret phrase" button.

Read the information on the page, tick the checkbox, and tap on "Generate words".

A secret phrase will appear on the screen that can be copied, tap "Copy Phrase" or "Show QR" to scan the code.

After saving the secret phrase in a safe place, tap "I have securely saved the phrase".

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