Installing the Cosmic FOMO app

Download Cosmic FOMO only from official sources!

Download links are available on the Cosmic FOMO website:

App Store Google Play


Open the App Store or follow this link to download the Cosmic FOMO app to your phone.

Click the download button and then "Open". Done! The app is installed on your device and ready to use.


Open Google Play or Play Market and click on “Install”.

After the download, the Play button will appear. Done! The app is now installed on your device and ready for use.

Tap Play and move on to the next steps.

Install via apk file

To install the apk on your Android device, follow the link from the official Cosmic FOMO website ( and download the installation file on your device.

After downloading, navigate to the Downloads or Installation Files folder, depending on which folder downloads are saved on your device.

In the folder, you should find the Cosmic FOMO app installation file. Tap on it.

If your device requests permission to install third-party apps, give permission to install the Cosmic FOMO app.

Go to Settings and give permission to install the file.

Wait for the command to be processed and click "Install".

If the application installation is blocked and a Play Protect message window appears, expand the information message by clicking the "More Info" button.

Click "Install anyway" and wait for the installation to complete. Done! The app is installed on your device and ready to go.

Press "Open" to continue.

Installing updates

When you open the app, download the updates and proceed to registration.

Registering in the Cosmic FOMO app

To register, you will need a valid email and an invitation code if you register by invitation code (registration is also available without an invitation code).

  1. Install the Cosmic FOMO app and enter your email in the E-mail field.

  2. Hit SEND CODE.

  1. Wait for the email, you will receive the code there, and enter it in the "Verification Code" field.

  2. Read and accept the terms of the user agreement and the terms of the privacy policy

  3. Complete the registration by clicking on "Submit".

  1. Be sure to copy and save the Private Key, as it will be used to access your account later or on other devices.

⚠️ Important: It will be impossible to restore access without a private key.

  1. In the next step, enter the six-digit loyalty code to sign up for the app using your invitee's unique code. Then click "Confirm".

  1. You can also complete your registration without a loyalty code. To do this, check the "I don't have a code" box and click "Confirm".

  • If you did not receive a Verification code, check the "E-mail" field to see if the email is correct. If the email is correct, check your Spam, Mailing, and Promotions folders for the email.

  • If you made a mistake when entering the Verification code several times, close the app, wait a few minutes, request a new code using the "Send code" button and enter the new code, which you will receive in a new email.

Where to find the Private Key in the app

If you did not save the private key when registering, you can view and save it again:

  1. Go to "Wallet" and click on the key icon🔑.

  1. Read the information in the window that appears and click "Get your key".

  1. Confirm your identity by requesting a code to your email, and click "Send Code" to do so.

  1. Enter the code you received in the "Enter code" field and confirm it by clicking "Confirm".

  1. Copy and save yout Private key.

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