Receiving assets

Make sure that the selected network matches the network of the asset you want to top up. To find out how to switch networks, see "Switching Networks".

Select the asset you want to replenish from the list. Click on it or copy the address of the active wallet.

Clicking on the selected asset will open a menu for the specific asset. Here you can copy the address to get the tokens. Or tap on "Receive".

You can scan the QR code and send tokens from another wallet.

Or you can send a screenshot of the QR code to the sender or hit the "Share" button and send the sender the wallet address.

You can request a specific receipt amount and specify it before sending.

Enter the amount you plan to receive and click the "✅" checkbox. After that, share the wallet address via the "Share" button, or via QR code.

Once received, new transactions will appear in the menu for the selected asset. Tap the refresh button "↺" if the transaction is not yet displayed.

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