Search for Animera is a large-scale AAA MMORPG.

Search for Animera is a large-scale AAA MMORPG focused on the conquest of interplanetary space, exploration and NFT creation.

Search for Animera is an ambitious AAA MMORPG that focuses on interplanetary conquest, exploration, and NFT creation. Powered by the Unreal Engine 5, the game emphasizes the innovative "Pay2Battle, Win2Earn" tokenomics model, offering players a unique gaming experience.

This next-generation MMORPG merges space combat and terrestrial warfare, presenting an immersive blend of gameplay elements. Players will engage in epic battles across diverse planets, each featuring distinctive environments and challenges. Whether battling in the depths of space or on planetary terrain, Search for Animera aims to captivate and engross its players.

The game's strengths lie in its breathtaking visuals, stellar gaming mechanics, and its ability to seamlessly fuse classic shooter elements with space combat and ground-based warfare.

Furthermore, it harnesses blockchain technology to empower players with complete ownership of in-game assets, fostering a dynamic and bustling gaming economy while augmenting the overall gaming experience.

Collaboration with MarsDAO: token sale from July 2023 to present.

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