How to revoke permissions

These instructions will help you revoke the permission previously granted to any DeFi-protocols to interact with your wallet in the BNB Smart Chain.

Navigate to the explorer's website —

Next, go to "More" and click on the "Token Approvals" tab:

Enter the wallet address and click on the magnifying glass:

In the window that opens, click "Connect to Web3" to connect the wallet:

Select the wallet through which the connection will be made. In our example, we'll use MetaMask:

Then you must subsequently confirm the connection of the wallet:

If the connection does not happen immediately, refresh the page and click "Connect to Web3" again and confirm the connection by clicking "OK":

After confirming the connection, you will see that the wallet is connected and you can move on to revoke permissions from the list of issued permissions for the wallet. To revoke a permission, click on the delete icon under the "Revoke" column, next to the transaction you selected:

Confirm the action by clicking on "Revoke" in the pop-up window, then confirm the transaction in the wallet:

Done! The transaction is removed from the list of issued approvals.

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