Switching between and adding wallets

The app has an option to select the displayed wallet on the main screen, i.e. to switch between hardware wallets and mobile wallets.

You can also hide the visibility of the wallet assets list on the main screen by tapping the minimize "v" icon.

Quickly selecting an active wallet from the main screen. This feature is available without switching to the settings menu.

On the main screen, tap the button to switch wallets. Select the hardware wallet you want to enable.

Adding hardware wallets. You can add up to five MDAO KeyWallets at a time.

Go to the " ፧ " menu settings and then "MDAO KeyWallet".

Tap the "➕" button, then "Activate MDAO KeyWallet" and repeat the steps in the "Activate Wallet" section.

You can remove a wallet from the list at any time and add it again as described in the "Activating the wallet" section.

To delete, click on the selected hardware wallet in the "MDAO KeyWallet" section and then the "Delete" button.

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