How to buy COSMIC in-game tokens on 12Swap (mobile version)

To upgrade your pilot you will need in-game tokens, which you can purchase or sell on a DEX.

Let’s see how we can buy COSMIC on 12Swap.

Go to 12Swap and click Launch App.

Use your regular mobile browser or connect to the DEX through the wallet's built-in browser.

Select the network and click on Connect Wallet.

Select the connection type — MetaMask or WalletConnect.

When connecting via WalletConnect, you must use a regular browser. If you select MetaMask, the connection is made through the wallet's built-in browser.

Click on Connect.

Select the token you want to exchange for COSMIC in the first line and specify the quantity, and select COSMIC in the second line.

To select the tokens, enter the COSMIC ticker in the search bar or specify the address of the COSMIC smart contract: 0xBabACc135Bbf2ce30f9C0f12665B244D3689A29C.

Now click Approve.

Confirm the use of tokens in the wallet, spending cap, and click Next, then Approve.

Check the swap data on the 12Swap page and click Swap.

Confirm the swap in the wallet by clicking Confirm in the pop-up window of the wallet. Done!

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