One-Click Swap with 12Swap

If you use DEXs, you are most likely an active member of DeFi ecosystems in different networks with different features.

With 12Swap, navigating the DeFi space is easier, faster and more fun. Make intra-network exchanges in two clicks, use DeFi and discover new opportunities.

Several networks are currently available, and you can already swap any token in any network quickly and conveniently with one click at the best exchange rate. The networks available for swaps are Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Cronos, and Arbitrum.

Let's look at the process using BNB Smart Chain and the exchange of USDT to MDAO as an example.

Go to the 12Swap page, or via this link.

On the 12Swap page, click Launch App or Connect Wallet.

Select the connection type.

Three connection options are available: MetaMask, WalletConnect and Coinbase Wallet. When connecting through WalletConnect or Coinbase Wallet, use the QR code scanner on your mobile device.

If you choose MetaMask, the browser version of the wallet is connected. Let's explore the option of connecting through MetaMask.

Confirm the connection in the wallet, click Next and Connect at the first connection.

Select the network, a token and specify the amount to exchange in the You sell block.

Select the token and the network in which you want to receive the asset in the You buy block.

Selecting an asset is easy, you just need to enter the name of the token or its smart contract address in the selected network for the exchange. In the list, you will see assets with positive balances in your wallet from which to choose.

  • Before you click on Approve, make sure that you have selected the correct token for the exchange. Click on the token ticker to go to the blockchain scanner and check the smart contract address of the selected token.

  • If the selected token has warning information, it means that the token is not in the list of verified smart contracts (it is either not yet verified in the blockchain scanner, or its verification was rejected).

Click Approve the first time you exchange the selected token.

Confirm the use of the asset in the wallet, set a custom limit or allow the maximum number of tokens, and click Next.

Then click Confirm.

When you connect via WalletConnect, the confirmation when you invoke a smart contract must be checked in your wallet, so the request goes to the connected wallet. Check your wallet and confirm the transaction.

Done! Click Done to continue.

Click Swap to complete your first exchange. 12swap will find a suitable exchange rate and make the exchange without the need to make several exchanges on different DEX by yourself to get the desired asset. If multiple options are available for exchange, the option with maximum liquidity will be selected in order to minimize slippage and the probability of transaction cancellation.

Confirm the swap in the wallet by clicking Confirm.

Done! The exchange is complete.

Important!!! If you set the Slippage Tolerance by yourself, a frontrunning attack may occur. Frontrunning attacks can occur when the percentage of slippage increases, the exchange can be executed at a higher exchange rate due to price movement by frontrunners tracking transactions in the blockchain and placing their bids before the user bids with the highest fee.

On the Launch App page, a wallet menu is available where you can switch the wallet network, change the background theme, and navigate to 12Swap's social media.

By clicking on the connection type icon, you can access the history of all wallet swaps, copy the wallet address here and end the session by clicking Disconnect.

If you use a VPN, switch the network beforehand in MetaMask, then the network will switch on the router page.

When connecting through WalletConnect, some wallets do not support switching the network through the 12Swap website interface, so you need to switch the network in the wallet itself and then the network will switch on the 12Swap page, if necessary reconnecting through WalletConnect.

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