MarsDAO tokenomics

The full emission or Max supply of 100,000,000 MDAO is distributed as follows:

  • At private sales, a limited number of users are allocated 5% of the Max Supply, which amounted to 5,000,000 tokens. In this case, there was no lockup or blocking period for the tokens; however, token staking on the platform was a prerequisite. During the compilation of the White List, 5,000,000 tokens were distributed, which also made up 5% of Max Supply. Tokens awarded to all White List participants were not sent to a wallet, but were immediately staked without a lockup period.
  • All those who supported the project at its early stage, helped its development and provided information support, have been allocated about 15% of the Community Rounds fund. This fund was distributed according to internal regulations; rewards were awarded depending on the user's activity. The fund is still being distributed. Receiving the reward is possible by staking tier NFTs on MarsDAO.
  • No more than 55% of the total amount of MDAO was allocated for staking events. The rewards were awarded automatically; the percentage and lockup period depended on the type of staking. The fund was disbursed in full, upon which Max supply was reached and the transition to the DAO was carried out.
  • 5% of max supply was earmarked for the team, and 2% or 5,000,000 and 2,000,000 tokens were set aside for marketing purposes.
  • The system's reserve fund and exchange liquidities respectively made up 3% and 10%, or 3,000,000 and 10,000,000 tokens. 100% of MDAO liquidity LP tokens were frozen on 17 March, 2022, for a year and with the help of the Unicrypt.network.
  • The amount of frozen liquidity tokens was 1,993,000. On top of that, according to our tokenomics, 2,989,500 MDAO team tokens have been frozen for two years. The transaction can be viewed by following this link. Marketing and reserve tokens can be found here.

Below is a summary table of MDAO tokenomics:

Private Sales
5 000 000 MDAO
White List
5 000 000 MDAO
Stacking Supply
55 000 000 MDAO
Community Round
15 000 000 MDAO
Liquidity Fund
10 000 000 MDAO
Team Fund
5 000 000 MDAO
Marketing Fund
2 000 000 MDAO
Reserve Fund
3 000 000 MDAO