MarsDAO's governance principle is based on the fact that in the MarsDAO ecosystem the community makes all decisions by voting.

The main aspects of decision-making within MarsDAO:

  • Community development decisions will be made in the Governance section.

  • Users can exchange MDAO tokens for GMDAO tokens at a 1:1 ratio.

  • To create a voting thread, one must have at least 100 GMDAOs in their account.

  • The thread is considered accepted by the community if at least 100,000 GMDAO tokens participate in the voting.

  • Obtaining GMDAOs is not a must and is only at each user's will.

  • Examples of voting topics: to whom and what grant to distribute; what projects are to be added to MDAO Maker platform.

Advantages of a decentralized management system

The key advantages of the MarsDAO decentralized management system:

  • The decentralized management system makes it possible for users to raise funds and resolve legal issues without the mediation of centralized institutions.

  • High adaptability (structural flexibility).

  • High functioning reliability.

  • There are no bureaucratic complexities under a decentralized management system.

This section will soon be available on the official MarsDAO website.

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