Autonomy Network is a decentralized protocol for blockchain automation.

Autonomy Network allows users to automate actions on the blockchain based on pre-defined conditions, essentially allowing future transactions to be automatically executed under arbitrary conditions.

Autonomy Network is a decentralized protocol that enables users to automate on-chain actions based on predefined conditions, essentially allowing transactions to be automatically executed in the future under arbitrary conditions. It serves as an infrastructure tool for automating on-chain actions with various conditions, such as setting limit orders or stop losses for traders on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.

Additionally, it can be utilized by on-chain entities, such as DAOs, to automate functions like recurring salary payments. The protocol introduces the AUTO token, which will be used for staking as an executor and paying discounted fees.

Autonomy Network is a B2B tool but is also creating user-facing dApps to showcase its features and pave the way for integration into other projects or for others to fork and enhance dApps.

Collaboration with MarsDAO: token sale from October to November 2022.

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