Wallet Import

After installing the wallet, open the app and tap "Get started", then tap "Import using Secret Recovery Phrase" and enter your wallet secret phrase, set the password, confirm the password and then confirm the wallet import by tapping "Import".

If you already have the MetaMask Wallet app on your device, on the password entry page, click "Reset Wallet" → "I understand, continue".

Tap "DELETE → "Delete my wallet" → "Import using Secret Recovery Phrase".

Please note: in the wallet reset procedure the current wallet in MetaMask will be deleted. You can restore it using a secret phrase or a secret account key, so make sure that you have all the data for restoration securely stored, and continue the wallet reset procedure only after that!

Enter the secret phrase from the wallet, set the password, confirm the password, and then confirm the import of the wallet by tapping "Import".

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