MDAO token

Where can I apply/use MDAO token

The native token of the MarsDAO platform – MDAO – has several beneficial uses for its holders, including the possibility to receive staking rewards in the tokens of a partner project, the opportunity to multiply capital by participating in the MDAO lottery, and receive returns from the staking of tiered NFTs for those users who joined the project in the beginning and owns MDAO tiered NFTs.

Other uses of MDAO include:

  1. Using MDAO in farming pools on DEX exchanges as soon as they become available. MarsDAO representatives inform users in chats and community channels about the emergence of the pools.

  2. Using MDAO token on the project's launchpad – MDAO Maker.

  3. If you have tiered NFTs, you can stake MDAOs in the Community Round and get rewards in MDAO tokens.

  4. You can use MDAO in the Partnership Staking section.

Read more about the use of MDAO in the "MDAO Applications" section.

How to increase your MDAO amount

In January 2022 the MDAO token reached full emission (max supply) and is no longer mined. However, it can be purchased on the market or obtained through MarsDAO ecosystem products, one of which is is a smart contract platform for automated re-staking of popular farming pools to increase APY and generate additional revenue in MDAO.

The contract connects directly to official farming pools.

An additional advantage is the optimization of network commission payments due to a collective formation of a high TVL for each pool and an optimized smart contract.

The platform is currently available on the BNB Smart Chain. However, support of other networks is planned to be added in the near future.

This service enables users to save on commission fees and automates the process of adding new LPs to reinvestment, as far as the user does not pay additional fees for the automatic placement of new LPs with the contract.

Thus, the user saves on transactions, and LPs can grow faster through the small and complex transactions handled by the contract.

In addition, the contract participates in the deflationary model of the MDAO token by redeeming small transactions of tokens from the market and burning a share of the tokens.

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