Cosmic FOMO

Welcome to the introduction section for Cosmic FOMO, an engaging game where strategy meets the excitement of cryptocurrency markets. Cosmic FOMO integrates the thrill of gaming with the fundamentals of digital asset trading, making it accessible to players at all levels of expertise.

In Cosmic FOMO, you step into the shoes of a pilot, your character in the game, which is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) on the blockchain. To begin, you'll either need an NFT pilot directly or a Galaxy Box, which reveals a pilot when you log into the app. Your pilot's success in the cosmic races depends on how skillfully you can predict cryptocurrency price movements. By equipping your pilot’s backpack with digital assets that you believe will either appreciate or depreciate, you send them off into races across space. During these races, the value of the assets fluctuates, directly affecting your potential earnings.

The game features two primary modes — SOLO and HARDCORE. SOLO mode offers a straightforward approach where you select a pilot, fill their backpack, and send them on a mission, hoping for asset growth. On the other hand, HARDCORE mode pits players against each other, with the top predictor of asset performance winning the prize pool.

What truly sets Cosmic FOMO apart is its dual purpose. It serves not only as a game but also as an educational tool within the edtech space, helping newcomers and seasoned players alike understand the complexities of blockchain and cryptocurrency investments without actual financial risk.

Cosmic FOMO is designed to be user-friendly and inclusive, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their prior knowledge in digital finance, can have a rewarding and educational experience.

In this section, you will find instructions on how to use Cosmic FOMO and its features.

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