Adding tokens and information

From the main screen, you can go to adding tokens and see information about each asset in the wallet.

Adding new tokens. To add a new token, you need to perform the following steps.

On the Home screen, tap on "➕". Then at the bottom of the screen, tap on "Add a new token".

Select the network type by tapping "Network Type". Select the desired network.

Paste the contract address in the "Contract Address" line. You can find smart contract addresses for any token on CoinMarketCap.

Make sure that the address is copied and pasted correctly, there are no spaces and no extra characters.

Hit "Submit". Read the information about the selected token, and tap on "Add Token".

The added token is now displayed on the main screen.

Token display settings. In the menu you can enable/disable the display of added tokens. Tap the " ፧ " icon next to the desired asset and then "Turn on".

To hide the token display, tap the " ፧ " icon next to the desired asset and then the "Turn Off" button.

For preset tokens there is no possibility to hide their display.

You can remove a token from the list in the same way via the Add Token menu. Tap the " ፧ " icon next to the desired asset and then "Delete".

Token information. The upper part of the screen shows the balance amount of all wallet assets in the selected network.

From the main wallet screen, you can also access the management menu for each asset and view information about it.

Tap on any asset and the management menu for the selected asset will open. Here you can see the balance in tokens, information about transactions made, also copy the address to receive tokens and send tokens.

When you tap on the line with the smart contract address, the smart contract address of the token is copied.

Be careful, as all copied information is stored in the clipboard on your device, when sending tokens, make sure that you do not send assets to the copied smart contract address.

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