Connecting via WalletConnect

WalletConnect is an open source protocol that allows connecting a mobile wallet to decentralized applications (dApps).

Connecting to dApps in a mobile browser. Navigate to the website of the desired dApp and tap "Connect", then select the "WalletConnect" as your connection type.

Tap "View All" for an expanded selection from the list of wallets.

In the search box, enter the name of the wallet or start typing "MDAO Wallet". Tap on the app icon in the search results.

Connecting to dApps via QR code. The app also supports connection via QR code scanning, so you can connect your wallet to dApps on your computer or other device.

Go to WalletConnect "〰" and tap "New Connection", then point your camera at the QR code and scan it to connect.

Confirming WalletConnect connections. After selecting a wallet or scanning a QR code, the MDAO Wallet app will launch. On the confirmation page, tap "Connect".

Switch back to the browser. Your wallet is ready to interact with the connected dApp. You can track active connections through the WalletConnect "〰" section.

Ending WalletConnect sessions. Navigate to the WalletConnect "〰" section on the main screen of the wallet app.

A window with active connections to dApps will open. Tap on the connection you want to terminate and tap "Disconnect".

Tips after you finish using dApps to maintain user safety:

  • disconnect active WalletConnect sessions

  • disconnect from the dApp itself using the Exit or Disconnect buttons

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