Registration and KYC compliance on ByBit. Mobile device

Follow the MDAO affiliate link and sign up for ByBit:

Copy the link and paste it into the address bar of your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari). It is recommended to register using the link in this way, and not to use the built-in Telegram browser, if you're opening the link this way.

Next, go to the menu and click Sign Up.

Make sure that the page displays information about the partnership with MDAO.

Choose how you want to register: by email or by phone number (we'll show the process below using email as an example).

Enter your e-mail address in the Email line.

Think of and enter a password in the Password line.

Password requirements:

  • Must be 8-30 characters

  • At least 1 number

  • At least 1 uppercase letter

  • At least 1 lowercase letter

Read the terms of service and privacy policy, tick the box and confirm your registration by clicking Get My Welcome Gifts.

Pass the captcha by sliding the slider or moving the puzzle so that the image is complete.

After the puzzle is matched you will receive an email from ByBit with an authorization code.

Enter the authorization code you received on the registration completion page. Done!

Identity verification procedure

Go to the account menu to access the identity verification section.

You can use your desktop browser or the mobile app to verify your identity, and we'll show you how to do this next.

Install the app on your phone and sign in if you plan to verify using the app.

Download link for iOS app

Download link for Android app

Open the account menu and go to the Identity Verification section.

The exchange provides several verification levels, which provide different privileges for users.

The basic level is provided after registration on the exchange and confirmation of authorization.

Lv.1 level is granted after successfully passing KYC on the basis of identity documents.

Lv.2 level is granted after residence address confirmation.

You can read about the benefits of the different verification levels on the ByBit website.

In this guide we'll show you how to pass the verification on the example of Lv.1, using the documents, proving your identity.

To proceed, click Verify Now and select the country of issue of the identity document.

After selecting the country of issue, select the type of identity document you are willing to provide for verification.

The following documents are suitable:

  • ID card

  • Passport

  • Driver's license

  • Residence permit

Once you have selected the document, click Next.

Read the requirements for the document:

  • Only copies of original documents (photos) will be accepted, scans and selfies of the document will not be accepted.

  • Document must be valid at the time of verification, readable and without glare.

Check out the selfie tips:

  • Photos must be taken in a well-lit room, with no bystanders or objects in the background.

  • Your face should be positioned in full frame when taking photos.

After reading the requirements and tips, click Next.

Have your identification document ready and take a picture of it first, then take selfies according to the recommendations.

To start, click Continue, make sure the country of issue is correct, at this point you can change it if you made a mistake earlier. Select the type of identity document.

If you are using browser verification, click Next at this point to continue.

Next, a window opens for taking a photo of the document.

Place the document in the frame so that all edges and corners fit into the frame. Do this for both sides of the document if you are using an ID card or driver's license for verification.

Pay attention to the quality of the photo:

  • The photo must be taken face-up.

  • The edges/corners of the document must be completely in the image.

  • The photo must be of good quality (clear and bright, no glare, no foreign objects).

Next, go to the selfie by clicking Next.

Follow the instructions on the selfies page: look into the camera and position your face inside the frame, make a slight rotation of your head in a circle to finish.

Wait for the selfie to load, once processed the page will refresh. Wait for the verification status to complete.

Once the selfies have been uploaded, you must wait for the verification process to complete.

Usually the verification takes up to 15 minutes, but more often the verification is completed within 2 minutes.

Done! Identity verification is complete and you now have access to additional privileges.

Finish setting up your account on the exchange, turn on additional protection in order to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

If there are any problems at the stage of checking documents or documents are rejected, you can contact the ByBit support team and find out the reasons, or use their recommendations.

How to find your UID

UID is an identification number for your account that is assigned when you register and verify your account.

The UID may be needed when contacting support or to keep track of activities in which users may participate as part of their activities by the exchange and its partners.

To view your UID, log in to your account and open the menu.

In the menu at the top right of the screen your UID will be available. You can copy the UID by clicking on the appropriate copy icon.

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