Swapping MARS to MDAO

How to swap MARS to MDAO

These instructions detail the process of exchanging MARS tokens for MDAO tokens. After a successful exchange, you will be able to use the new tokens in various MarsDAO products.

If I specified a wallet address after 25.02.2022, will I be able to swap to DAO?

Users who specified their MetaMask wallet addresses in the "DAO Migration" section after 25 February 2022, had their tokens sent in stages as the addresses are provided, at least once a week. In fact, they are sent more often, almost every day. If you still haven't received your tokens, you should check if you have stored the wallet address on the platform. If the address is filled out correctly, but no tokens have been awarded, you will need to contact the customer support service at support@daomars.com.

What to do if MDAO tokens are not displayed in my wallet after the swap?

To customize the display of the MDAO token in the wallet:

  1. Go to the main MetaMask page.

  2. Click "Add tokens" or "Import tokens".

  3. Enter 0x60322971a672B81BccE5947706D22c19dAeCf6Fb in the first line, the other fields will be filled in automatically.

  4. Confirm the addition of the token.

Why MARS is not swapped to MDAO?

If you follow our detailed instructions, you should not have any problems swapping tokens. Always make sure that your wallet addresses are spelled correctly and make sure that you have enough BNB to complete the transaction.

  1. Click "Swap to DAO".

  2. Click "Connect wallet".

  3. Connect any of the presented wallets.

  4. After connecting the wallet, "Your swap amount" will be seen in the middle of the page. This is the amount of tokens to swap/exchange. All tokens are exchanged at once. Click "Swap".

  5. Confirm the transaction (gas in BNB requires gas for the transaction).

After a successful transaction, the main swap screen will update the balance. "Your swap amount: 0, Your MDAO balance" updated to the number of tokens exchanged.

Why you need a large amount of BNB for the swap

If there are no MDAO tokens on the wallet, when exchanging, MetaMask may show a message that the transaction will turn out to be an error and the request will include an additional fee in BNB for the transaction.

If your wallet does have MDAO tokens, the MetaMask exchange will show a fee of no more than 0.01 BNB, while the actual amount of debit will be much smaller and can be seen in BSC Scan after a successful transaction. Please note that you need to have a small amount of BNB in your wallet to make a transaction (0.02 should be enough).

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