Topping Up Your Wallet in Cosmic FOMO

The wallet in the External section supports tokens in the BNB Smart Chain: COSMIC, MDAO, USDT and BNB.

Send the required tokens to your wallet in the app.

In the External section, copy the wallet in the field next to the copy button, or tap the Receive button and the Copy Address button. Send BNB and COSMIC to the copied wallet, as you will need them first.

After sending BNB and COSMIC to the copied address, open the External wallet and transfer the tokens to the Internal wallet inside the app.

Tap on Internal.

The Transfer window will open where you need to select From: External and To: Internal where you want to send the tokens, select the asset to be transferred and specify the amount. Tap Confirm to complete the transfer.

Assets from the External wallet to the Internal wallet are transferred instantly.

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