How to add the BNB Smart Chain and the MDAO token to Trust Wallet and find the receiving address

This guide provides detailed instructions on how to add the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to Trust Wallet, add the MDAO token, and find the address to receive this token. Follow the steps to easily configure your wallet and be ready to work with tokens on the BSC network.

  1. To set up the display of BSC network in Trust Wallet, go to the settings and token selection menu:

  1. Here you can immediately select to display BNB in the BNB Smart Chain, which is a BEP-20 network:

  1. Next, at the MDAO smart contract address, you can add a token to display if you haven't added one before.

If the token was previously added, it will show up in the asset list when you search for the token, but you will need to manually enable its display.

If token displaying is not added, follow further instructions in the screenshots.

  1. In the crypto manage menu, tap “➕”:

  1. In the new window that opens, select the BNB Smart Chain network instead of Ethereum:

  1. Next, insert the MDAO token smart contract address: 0x60322971a672B81BccE5947706D22c19dAeCf6Fb

  1. All other data will be put by the wallet automatically, you will only have to click on "Import":

  1. To find the address to receive MDAO on the BSC network (BEP-20), go to the list of assets under "Home" and click on the "MDAO" ticker:

  1. In the window that opens, click on "Receive":

  1. Copy the address, or use the QR code to top up your wallet:

  1. Please note that the MDAO receiving address on the BSC network (BEP-20) will be the same as the BNB Smart Chain address.

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