How to track new partnerships

The MarsDAO team notifies the community about all news and new partnerships on the project's official social networks. New partnerships also automatically appear on daomars.comLaunch AppPartnerships. Official MarsDAO social networks:



Telegram-channel CIS

Telegram-chat CIS








Where on the new platform can Partner Staking be found?

Go to and click "Launch DApp" in the upper right corner. This will open the MarsDAO app in your browser, where you will see a "Partnerships" button at the top. When you click it, all the partner staking pools available at the moment will be displayed.

Are there any restrictions on withdrawing assets or rewards from partnership staking?

On the MarsDAO platform, the body of the (staking) deposit, as well as the rewards for staking MDAO in partner tokens, can be withdrawn at any time. As a rule, there are no lockup periods, but some staking pools may differ in terms and conditions.

You can, for example, use a deposit body in one partnership stake, withdraw it at any time and send it to another partner stake. Your net profit is the staking rewards in MarsDAO partner tokens.

Important: Staking options will soon appear on the MarsDAO platform, which will have a lockup period for the withdrawal of rewards. Be sure to study the information about each separate staking pool!

With time intervals do partner staking rewards are awarded with?

Rewards are awarded for every block and are distributed among all participants in the staking pool. The start and the end of partner staking are always announced on the official Telegram channel and Twitter page. However, these events can also be seen on the blockchain.

How to collect your rewards after the completion of a partnership staking event?

You can collect your savings after the completion of a partner staking event by clicking on "Harvest". Rewards are accrued in tokens of the partner project.

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