Participating in partner staking

This guide describes the process of taking part in a partner staking on the MarsDAO platform. The advantage of this MarsDAO partner staking is that there is no lockup period*. This means that one may withdraw their MarsDAO deposit at any time to use it in other MarsDAO products or at their own discretion while still receiving a partner stake interest. Rewards are awarded in the form of a partner project tokens. To participate in any MarsDAO partner staking event one has to:

  1. Click the "DAPP" button in the upper right corner of the screen and connect their wallet.

  2. Go to "PARTNERSHIPS" and select a partner staking option.

  3. Select "Deposit" in the staking window, press "Approve" and confirm the transaction.

  4. Select the necessary amount of MDAO to send, send tokens to partner staking, and confirm the transaction.

  5. Congratulations! You have staked MDAOs with a partner project. Use the "Harvest" button to collect staking rewards.

*Under a joint agreement with the partner project, the terms and conditions of partner staking may be subjected to change.

In-detail instructions on how to participate in partner staking (in the example of the Dexsport affiliate project) may be found in the following article.

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