Selling MDAO tokens

How to sell MDAO

At you will find a link to an exchange protocol where you can exchange MDAO for other cryptocurrency.

The PancakeSwap exchange protocol page allows you to exchange MDAO for USDT, or another cryptocurrency.

In the MDAO line, insert the amount you want to exchange, then connect your wallet and confirm the transaction in the MetaMask popup.

Token burning and how it works

Token burning occurs when cryptocurrency is intentionally sent to an unused wallet address in order to remove it from circulation. The address, which is called a record address or eater address, cannot be accessed or assigned to anyone. Once a token is sent to such an address, it disappears forever.

The project burns its tokens to reduce the total supply. In other words, it creates deflation. It is explained by the growth of the remaining tokens' value as far as assets tend to increase in value whenever the circulating supply drops and they become scarcer.

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