MDAO Maker

MDAO Maker is an online platform for IWOs (Initial Wallet Offerings), which enables users to purchase a project allocation during the seed round. Users may familiarize themselves with information about the submitted projects and their deadlines, participation requirements, and their current status. In the platform's first version, all interactions take place in the Telegram-bot MDAO Telegram Wallet. MDAO Maker was made to provide information and does not collect user data. Links to the projects in which one may participate can be found on the platform through the MDAO Telegram Wallet.

The appearance of a new project on the platform is followed by the launcging of the allocation process, which consists of the following steps:

  1. Exploration (study of the project and proposals).

  2. Subscription (signing up to participate in the project).

  3. Hold (the stage at which a user must meet certain conditions to get tickets).

  4. Distribution (ticket distribution based on the results of the previous stage).

  5. Lottery (stage that determines the winning tickets, based on the tickets received earlier).

  6. Payment (purchase of an allocation).

Token distribution (sending tokens to participants who purchased the allocation).

*All stages have a certain time interval, which is established in the regulations of each participating project.

The MDAO token is key to the MDAO Maker platform, allowing users to participate in cryptocurrency projects at an early stage, facilitating fair token distribution and offering various benefits of using MDAO within MDAO Maker:

  1. MDAO holders can participate in the allocation of cryptocurrency projects in the early stages, even before they enter the market. It is possible to purchase project tokens at a lower price, potentially before they rise in price.

  2. Blockchain technology provides greater transparency by more closely tracking the distribution of tokens, allowing early participation in projects.

  3. By ensuring a more equitable distribution of tokens, MDAO Maker aims to protect crypto projects from sudden price drops due to pump and dump schemes often initiated by large investors or so called "whales" of the cryptocurrency market. This contributes to a more stable and sustainable investment environment for projects and users.

  4. The MDAO token is used to participate in a lottery system for distributing project allocations. MDAO token holders can receive tickets depending on the number of MDAO in their MDAO Telegram Wallet. The lottery stipulates that users with more MDAO have a better chance of winning, but those with the minimum number of MDAO still have a chance of victory.

  5. Winning tickets received through the lottery system allow users to purchase allocations of participating projects. The number of winning tickets determines the ability to purchase an allocation of a particular project, with the purchase being based on the tickets received.

  6. After purchasing an allocation, users receive project tokens in their MDAO Telegram Wallet, depending on the terms of the project's vesting or lockup period.

You can read more about the product in the "MarsDAO Products" section.

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