NUNU Spirits combines casual games with the ability to make money on the blockchain.

NUNU Spirits combines casual games with the ability to make money on the blockchain, while having a positive impact on the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

NUNU Spirits combines the enjoyment of casual gaming with the earning potential of blockchain, all while making a positive ecological impact by reducing CO2 emissions.

The game offers the opportunity to collect super cute nature spirits and engage with them in a brand new world filled with various party games, including parkour racing, capture the flag, and the floor is lava. Additionally, players have the exciting option to 3D print their entire NFT collection, showcasing the innovative integration of digital and physical realms.

NUNU Spirits features NFTs of varying rarity, including Mythic, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common, each contributing to the diverse and engaging gameplay experience. The platform is powered by several tokens and assets, including NUNU, the NFT at the core of the game and ecosystem, which can be purchased using NNT or ETH. Furthermore, NNT is a cryptocurrency and tradable ERC-20 token that allows for investment in the project and voting on its future development. Finally, NUGO is a tradable ERC-20 token that can only be obtained through interaction with the game, adding another layer of engagement and value to the gaming experience.

Collaboration with MarsDAO: flash mob, joint AMAs and a social quest in 2023.

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