AMAZY is an app that combines fitness and gaming.

The AMAZY app combines elements of fitness and gaming and allows users to earn rewards for an active lifestyle.

AMAZY is an innovative lifestyle app that combines fitness and gaming elements, offering users the opportunity to earn rewards while staying active. By wearing trendy virtual sneakers and engaging in walking or jogging activities, users can earn AMT tokens, the native cryptocurrency of the platform.

The app introduces a captivating concept where users can participate in a game-fi experience within the AMAZY metaverse. Through the utilization of NFT sneakers inspired by popular bloggers and influencers, users can immerse themselves in the fascinating world of fitness and blockchain technology. Additionally, the app provides a marketplace where users can buy, sell, or rent sneakers, fostering a dynamic and engaging community within the platform.

AMAZY's mission is to inspire individuals to break away from sedentary lifestyles, leveraging a fun and accessible approach to fitness and well-being. With a focus on promoting physical activity, the app encourages users to step outdoors and stay active while reaping the benefits of earning AMT tokens.

Collaboration with MarsDAO: partner staking event from 13.10.2022 to 24.10.2022.

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