Why did we decide to be audited by CertiK? Founded in 2018 by Columbia University and Yale University professors, CertiK is a pioneer in blockchain security. It uses the best of their kind formal verification and artificial intelligence technologies to protect and monitor blockchains, smart contracts and Web3 applications.

CertiK advantages:

  • CertiK conducted over 1,800 audits across all major protocols; it is trusted by leading exchanges such as Binance, OKEx and Huobi as a recommended provider of blockchain and smart contract audits.

  • CertiK has a secure coding language on its native blockchain. Users can use it to create their own smart contracts verified on the CertiK blockchain using DeepSEA.

  • DeepSEA is a compiler and programming language that merits respect for its security.

  • CertiK's proprietary tool was developed in collaboration with researchers from such leading academic institutions as Columbia University and Yale University. The tool chain can identify complex corrective properties of smart contracts, thereby enhancing the security of the network and the products integrated into it.

  • CertiK is partnered with major blockchain players: Binance, Huobi and International Business Machines (IBM).

CertiK's MarsDAO audit is available at: https://www.certik.com/projects/marsdao.

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