Currency Exchange

MDAO Telegram Wallet users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies in any convenient way without leaving the wallet - anywhere in the world.

The service partner is the cryptocurrency exchanger, Colibri Exchange.

To access the feature, click on "Currency Exchange" in the menu.

Carefully read the information about the service, including the /details section, and then click "Contact Manager".

Describe your request in the dialog box and wait for the manager's reply.

*The minimum transaction amount is $1000.

*Be vigilant and beware of scammers, because Colibri managers do not write direct messages to users first!

Specify the details of your account for the transfer of funds, then transfer your tokens to the specified wallet address, and send the transaction hash to the manager.

*Be careful when specifying a wallet, as it must support the network you want to get tokens in

Get a confirmation of the transaction, and receive your funds on the specified account.

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