How to purchase a Secret

To buy The Secret, you need to follow the link received from the content creator:

After clicking on the link, the wallet will create an address for the user who clicked on the link. It is necessary to read the information in the message received and ensure that the bot's account has enough assets to pay for the Secret and fee in the BEP-20 network. For more information on how to top-up your wallet, see "Deposit" section.

Then it is necessary to confirm the payment of the Secret in MDAO and the charge in BNB for the transaction.

After payment confirmation, MDAO Telegram Wallet will receive notification of the transaction, its txid and notification of successful payment.

Immediately after the payment is received, the creator of the content will receive a personal message from the bot and will be able to view the content that was purchased.

Click "No" or enter the "Cancel" command if you do not want to pay for the Secret via the link.

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