Saving address

To save an address, click on the "Saved Addresses" tab:

Next, click on the "Add New" tab:

Specify the name of the wallet. It must not exceed 20 characters.

Click on Submit:

To cancel the settings, click "Cancel" or enter the command manually in a private message (DM) with the bot.

Next, select the network in which the wallet address will be stored. You can choose from: "BEP-20", "ERC-20", "TRC-20", and "BTC".

In the list of available networks for saving addresses will be those networks, which addresses are already assigned by the wallet. You can find more details in the "Deposit" section.

Specify the wallet address in the selected network format. Before saving the address, you should verify that the data you entered is correct.

Click Send:

Confirm saving the address and click "Yes":

If you want to stop saving the address, you can click "No" or "Cancel":

As long as the cancel button is not pressed, the wallet processes the previously set command.

When you press the save address confirmation button, the wallet will be successfully saved:

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